About Us

Through the summer we will be open on Wednesdays from time to time. Times will vary and only single appointments will be offered at this time. 

Honor Your Body Wellness is a small family owned business. Mother/Daughter duo Carol and Carrie Shaley started the business in March 2015. Carrie has suffered for more 15 years from chronic migraines and 2 years ago Carol was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogern's Syndrome (autoimmune diseases). Through receiving consistent massage therapy, they have experienced themselves what a difference it has made in their lives. Honor Your Body Wellness offers a wide range of Massage Services, Enhancements, Workshops and Retail Products.

Our Staff
Business Director - Carol Shaley
Wellness Director - Carrie Shaley
Hospitality Director - Karl Shaley
Production Director - Peter Shaley

Massage Therapists
Shannon Nicole

Front Desk